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UlysseRe Sustainability Statement

UlysseRe's ambition is wider than the development of its ''bottom line''. The company also aims to make a meaningfully contribution to people in our society and to our planet.

We seek to be a good employer and act responsibly within our community. We treat our staff as we would our family and recognise that not doing so can only lead to unacceptable levels of personal stress amongst our staff as they try to juggle their work and domestic lives. With stress comes risk to the society at large, something that we believe should be minimised.

We respect the laws of our country and recognise the contribution that these laws make to our sustainability. We pay our taxes and monitor the changing legal environment with a view to playing our part in our society.

We recognise the potentially negative impact that we as a company can have on our planet because of the international nature of our business. We use technology for online meetings and work towards improving our technical skills so that such meetings increase in effectiveness. We see this as the best way of reducing the need for face-to-face meetings, which, in our case, can only be achieved by taking environmentally damaging international flights.

As responsible members of the global insurance market, we understand our market's contribution towards sustainability. We play our part by:

  •     Placing reinsurance on major risks in emerging markets. This reinsurance is critical for emerging markets (Energy, Aviation and Oil and Gas) and allows for these industries to operate effectively and raise finance for development.
  •     Facilitating access for our clients of the global reinsurance market.  We collect relevant information about our clients' risks and then connect them to the international reinsurance market that they might not otherwise have access to. This provides opportunities for risk transfer, increasing resilience within the communities where these clients are based.
  •     Providing our clients with advice. We advise our clients on actions that they could take to reduce the risk from accidental events. To avoid a potential disaster is to create less damage to our planet.
  •     Collecting claims as quickly as possible. This facilitates resilience, helping our clients get back to work quickly after an event and reducing overall disruption to their community at large.

UlysseRe is a privately-owned reinsurance broker regulated by the Bank of Latvia. UlysseRe was founded in 1995 and its Head office is in Riga, Latvia. It provides services for clients from many parts of the world.